This Is the Time!

We have known for quite a long time that something was going to happen following Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayan’s told us that the “age” was ending or put another way the “timeline” would end. So, something had to happen. We just did not know what. For the Christians it was Armageddon, for Deloris Cannon followers it was the New Earth, for the conspiracy theorist it was “The Event,”  for others it wad new Timelines, poles flipping, major earth changes, etc. But, really no one knew what was going to happen. 

Well, we do now. Trump happened, Brexit happened, authoritarianism started raising its ugly head everywhere, greed seemed to be the primary motivator, racism, paternalism, religious radicalism, suppression of freedoms and on and on.

 Then, COVID happened. That upended everything and it still is reaping its effect on things, but in more subtle ways. Now we see Ukraine taking on the martyrdom for the whole planet.

Many years ago on my spiritual path, it was said that Jesus’ mission in embodying on the Earth was to set aside the “Law” which the world had been living under (that is the law of Karma). In fulfilling his mission he opened the door to grace, the setting aside of the law of karma, so humans could balance their Karma over time. In this way humans could move forward without the heavy burden of karma and still balance their karma over lifetimes rather than all at once. 

I believe we are at a similar time. For some reason it seems that these moments of great structural changes in humanity’s evolution it takes a martyr to move them forward. I think Ukraine has for some reason volunteered to take on this role as martyr for humanity.

We are learning that we are no better off than the least of our fellow humans. That it takes all of us looking after and supporting each other if we are going to move forward to that New Earth, the new timeline, 4th Density, 5th Dimension, etc. Ukraine is profound in their determination to maintain their liberty and freedom.

As we are moving through these traumatic events – the flood of light, earth changes, dramatic weather, tornados, floods, crazy temperatures, fires, unprovoked war, etc. We are facing what I have come to see as the “Harvest.” Jesus spoke of it in his teachings, the Law of One speaks of it and when I was in India I saw it first hand. 

The winnowing of rice comes at the final stage of the harvest The cut rice plants are laid out on a hard surface. Oxen or cows are driven over the rices plants to crush everything and free the rice grains from the seed covering. Over and over and over the rice, the oxen are driven. Then, afterwards, workers scoop up the crushed “debris” and toss it in the air. The wind blows away the chaff and the rice falls to the ground free from the chaff and debris of the plant. The rice, free from all chaff and debris, is swept up to be stored for future use.

That seems to be what is going on now. The separation of those who are ready to move forward from those who need more time and a different space to mature further in their own time.

One last analogy comes from St. Germain. He likened humans to lumps of coal. He said that to become the shinning diamonds that we are meant to be, it take intense pressure for a lump of coal to become a brilliant shinning diamond. 

So, , , . here we go! 

Diamonds it is. 

Expect intense pressure in the process of getting there. 

But, it is not without the compassion, love and support from our fellow humans and the love and guidance from our many spiritual guides who are assisting us in the whole process. 

We will get through this all, together, and we will find a new day, a new world and a new light in the process. And it will be so much more than we could even have expected. We just have to keep the Faith and know that we will get through it all in the end or in the new beginning. 

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